Diets for Advanced Uremic Patients

    2014-03-17 11:57:49lily185

    Even if in the late stage, uremic patients cant lose their confidence, and they should insist on cooperating with doctors positively to get effective treatments. Besides, they should pay much attention to their daily diets, which is very be...

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    The Symptoms of Uremia

    2014-03-04 17:01:59lily122

    What are the symptoms of uremia? Somebody have missed the best treatment time because they dont know about its symptoms very well. To avoid this situation, let me introduce the common symptoms of uremia, so that we can detect and treat it t...

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    What is the Pathogeny of uremic anemia

    2014-03-04 16:58:14lily100

    Uremia is one of dangerous kidney diseases, which can result in anemia. We dont know much about the pathogeny of uremic anemia, so we cant discover and prevent the disease timely. Therefore, it is necessary to know the pothogeny of uremic...

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    The Harms of Uremia

    2014-03-04 16:26:09Cindy165

    Uremia prevails in our country. Many uremic patients in different degree come to see doctor everyday. However, some patients tend to bear the disease rather than visit doctors, this kind of situation will jeopardize the patients health. So...

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    What is the Pathogeny of Uremia

    2014-03-04 16:20:58Cindy90

    Nowadays, uremia is a kind of climactic happening kidney diseases .In clinical area, you can often see many uremic patients holding the medical certificate of uremia, but they know nothing about the disease, like its pathogenies, or its inf...

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