How Can the Elder Prevent Uremia?

    2014-03-30 17:26:09Cindy151

    As we all know, uremia is so scared that it can impair our health severely, so we must prevent it timely. It is true that even the best therapy cant match with prevention, especially for the elder, because their health condition is not as w...

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    Is Skin Itch a Symptom of Uremia?

    2014-03-30 17:24:57Cindy193

    Some uremia patients in the early stage may suffer from systemic small rashes, and they may feel itching, so they always scratch the rashes to bleed to feel a little more comfortable. However, even if patients receive rash treatment, they m...

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    The Diet Rules of Uremia Patients

    2014-03-29 16:42:22lily155

    As we all know, uremia does great harm to us,so all of us should plan intellectually to get rid of uremia. Meanwhile, scientific diet can promote the absorption of nutrition of patients, which can speed up patients recovery. On the contrary...

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    How Does TCM Treat Uremia

    2014-03-29 16:41:26lily70

    As we all know, the severity of uremia is just less than that of cancer. So we need to spare no efforts to treat the disease. Fortunately, TCM can have a great effect on patients recovery. Then how does TCM treat uremia? What are specific C...

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    The Precautions of Uremia in Our Lives

    2014-03-18 15:48:14lily88

    As we all know, uremia is so serious that it can impair our health severely, so we must prevent it timely or in advance. Now the professors from NO.4 Hospital in Xingtai City explain how we can prevent uremia and kick it out of our lives. ...

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