The Common Pathogeny of Uremia

2017-04-11 15:59Cindy

Nowadays, uremia is a kind of common kidney diseases which happens in high rate. In clinic, you can often see many uremic patients holding the medical certificate of uremia, but they know nothing about the disease, or the pathogenies of uremia, even the influences of it. So, what is uremia? What is the pathogeny of it?

As everyone knows., uremia is a knotty renal disease in the medical area at present. Uremia is a dependent disease, it is a kind of syndrome produced from the disorder of biochemical processes inside the body, after the loss of all or parts of renal functions. Therefore, only we prevent uremia, discover it, and treat it earlier, we could get rid of the suffering of uremia.

Only we can find the root cause of uremia, we can find out the pathogeny of uremia. Therefore, let’s learn about the common pathogeny of uremia.

(1) Metabolic Diseases: such as in the advanced period of diabetic nephropathy, because of renal arteriolar sclerosis and glomerular basement membrane thickening , the filtration function of glomerular has been impaired, then patients may suffer from uremia. Additional, gouty nephropathy late can also lead to uremia.

(2) Chronic Glomerulonephritis: as glomerular has been damaging for a long time, kidney may gradually lost its functions. Therefore, advanced nephritis is the most common cause of uremia.

(3) Hypertension: long-term hypertension can lead to the damage and hardening of kidney glomerular ,it can also result in the damage of renal function, eventually uremia.

(4) Tubulointerstitial Nephritis: such as for chronic pyelonephritis patients, the repeated bacterial infection can cause kidney fibrosis atrophy, then the loss of kidney function, finally uremia.

(5) Caused by Systemic Diseases: from this perspective, commonly we can see uremia caused by lupus nephritis.

(6) Caused by Urinary Infection or Urinary Tract Infections. In China, chronic pyelonephritis (CPN) is the second largest pathogeny of uremia, accounting for 21.2 percent. Because the symptoms of uremia are relatively mild in the early period of nephritis, it is hard to arose attention. But it is very easy to aggravate the disease and then influence the quality of the patients’ lives.

【Warm Tips】:Sincerely hope this introduction of【 The common pathogeny of uremia】can help our patients friends. If you have more doubts, or you want to learn more about uremia, please consult our online professors, or call our hot line. Our professors are always waiting for you.

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