Kidney cancer recurrence rate high?

2017-10-28 16:30Wu Yang

  Kidney cancer is a high recurrence tumor disease, its high refractory and relapse rate also became a lot of patients and their families headaches, but the scientific prevention, positive, from the perspective of the diet, change the confidence against the disease, and review on time, can reduce the recurrence of kidney cancer, or reduce the recurrence of kidney cancer treatment difficulty.

  Kidney cancer is a common urinary tract tumors, early kidney cancer treatment can have a better effect, if not timely treatment, condition will deteriorate into kidney cancer terminal, become an incurable disease. Have asked about less than 3 cm kidney cancer recurrence in patients with high? This problem, experts said, the early renal cancer even after surgery, the recurrence rate is very high, but pay more attention in peacetime life, is the ability to reduce the recurrence rate, and renal cancer patients should pay attention to what?

  From the diet, kidney cancer patients should pay attention to diet low in salt, eat food list as far as possible, reduce the burden of the kidney, if patients with edema, or high blood pressure, should be strictly limit salt intake, limiting the intake of water, avoid edema and hypertension of further development, increase the treatment of renal cancer burden and difficulty. Kidney patients should also be taboo spicy food and hair content, at ordinary times life common mustn't have garlic, parsley, beef, dog meat, raw onion, lamb, coffee, wait spiced aniseed, seafood, wine and so on, eat barbecue and salted food. Not only to have a balanced nutrition, food diversification, don't eat too thick too hard food, eat more food of pap and good digestion.

  In terms of mentality to maintain a positive fight diseases, confidence in conquering disease, don't be too anxious own condition, if the patients with poor psychological bearing capacity, families can adopt method of the patients to hide condition, to reduce the patient's fear index. If the patient already know his illness, family also enlighten more patients, guiding patients with positive and optimistic attitude, reduce the psychological burden of patients.

  To have developed kidney cancer, especially in the kidney cancer after surgery, the most important thing is to go to the hospital to review in time, because kidney cancer recurrence rate is high, but found that the sooner, the more easy to control, so the regular inspection is particularly important. Also only review in time, can know the development of the illness, the relevant competent doctors and specialists to symptomatic treatment, in order to avoid disease development more and more serious.

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