Can TCM Treat Uremia Successfully?

2014-05-13 10:22Cindy

As the rapid development of modern medical technology,there are more and more treatments to treat uremia. However,most of the treatments are just stopgap which only can relieve the disease temporarily. Besides,according to statistical data, more and more people would like to choose TCM therapy nowadays, then we wonder to ask a question, can TCM really treat uremia successfully?

【WARM PROMPT: You Must Choose Correct Treatment to Treat Uremia】

Why do we associate with dialysis when coming to uremia? Can dialysis can really treat uremia?

Dialysis can lead patients’kidney develop into “mechanical kidney”.And once dialysis begins, it is difficult for patients to stop adopting it,moreover,the times of dialysis can be more and more frequent as patients’diseases aggravate.Additional, patients not only sustain physical suffering, but also need to bear great economical burden. Furthermore, the method can not solve the questions of renal function Fundamentally, on the contrary, it can further aggravate disease condition.

【How does TCM Treat Uremia?】

TCM treat uremia on the condition of protecting kidney, our hospital adopt modern TCM therapy called “Blood Contamination Therapy”. According to the dialectical relationship theory that the five internal organs can mutually reinforce and neutralize with each other in TCM, and the five organs are corresponding to the five rows.

First, by the means of modern blood physical purification technology (including hemodialysis, hemofiltration, blood immunoadsorption, plasmapheresis and so on), the therapy repeatedly purifies the patients’ blood physically, to reduce the inflammatory factors effectively.

Second, make full use of the medicines and therapies of TCM , to eliminate the retention or resemblance of inflammatory factors effectively in patients’ blood and the focal zone.

Third, according to the treatment ideology in TCM, “nourishing energy and blood, cultivating the strength and immune ability”, we make full use of effective relevant medicines and therapies, focusing on the recovery of disease. Then, we can accelerate the improvement of immune capacity of nephritic patients.

【The Advantages of TCM Therapy】

Firstly, this modern technical TCM therapy make use of modern technology to broke the pure natural herbal medicines, then it extracts the effective factors of traditional Chinese medicine through supercritical fluid extraction technology. Besides, this therapy uses the ultra penetration technology to infiltrate the medicines into blood directly by , then to kidney through blood, so that this therapy can improve the cells function effectively. Additional, through external application, this therapy can repair renal tissue radically, and it can also make the penetration and absorption function of cell can be more than 95%.

This therapy can effectively avoid the disadvantages of traditional treatment, like long course of treatment, bad curative effect, great side effect and so on. Besides, it can overcome the trauma pain and high medical expenses of western dialysis and renal transplantation. And it has stable curative effect, which has obtained the affirmation of domestic and foreign nephropathy experts, and being praised as "a safe therapy".

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