What are the processes of Full Bath Therapy?

2017-04-28 11:56Wu Yang

  What are the processes of Full Bath Therapy?

  1.Preliminary detection is needed to confirm you are neither too full or starved before the Full Bath Therapy. It is also necessary to check whether there are contraindications.

  2.Ultrasonic therapy is provided by nurses to massage renal range on your back for 10 minutes before your Full Bath Therapy.

  3.Patient is soaked into prepared dilute concentrated Chinese herbs decoction for 40 minutes in order to promote sweating. Nurses will serve nearby and provide herbs tea to add water for your body. Contact nurse as soon as possible to stop bathing when dizzy, allergy or other adverse symptoms appear.

  4.It is inappropriate to return to your ward immediately after finishing Full Bath Therapy, otherwise, you may catch a cold.

  5.Matters need attention will be prompted, which includes no cold or flu, no cold food and drink, enough sleep, keeping warm, etc.

  6.One course of treatment of Full Bath Therapy contains 4-5 times and you had better to have Full Bath Therapy every 3 or 4 days for a better curative effect.

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