What is the relationship between Full Bath Therapy and Kidne

2017-04-28 11:53Wu Yang

  What is the relationship between Full Bath Therapy and Kidney Disease?

  -Mediated Bath enable chronic kidney diseases patients to have much sweat in order to discharge more toxic substances from the body.

  -Many herbs in the recipes mainly dilate blood vessels and accelerate the microcirculation in order to bring the ingredients which are effective to renal diseases to kidneys directly.

  -Relaxing muscles and tendons, activating collaterals and adjusting the functions of viscera.

  -Sleep improvement

  -Supporting genuine Qi, improving the immunity and allaying tiredness

  -Remedy skin disease; beautify skin and make it lustrous; diminish itching

  What are the indications of Full Bath Therapy?

  -Reduce blood glucose and lipid, regulate blood pressure.

  Indications: Hyperlipidemia and high blood glucose and Diabetes

  -Treat leakage of protein.

  Indications: Severe proteinuria and Nephrotic Syndrome

  -Dispelling wind to relieve exterior syndrome

  Indications: Joints pain, muscles pain

  -Promote blood circulation, remove blood stasis and expel toxins.

  Indications: Chronic Renal Failure, Uremia and other Chronic Kidney Disease

  -Expel toxic in the blood.

  Indications: Allergic skin, purpura, eczema, lupus and other skin problems

  -Reduce hematuria and occult blood.

  Indications: IgA Nephropathy, severe hematuria


  -Open wound of skin

  -Hyperthermia with lots of sweat


  -Severe heart diseases

  -People who are allergic to Chinese herbal medicines

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