Introduction of Kidney Diseases

2017-03-30 14:44Jin Liu

Kidney has the function of removing overmuch fluid, minerals and other wastes in blood as well as making hormones to keep bones stronger and blood healthier. Therefore, kidney is a crucial organ in human body. If someone hurts his kidney unexpectedly, or has kidney diseases genetically, he can not have a normal life as we have, let alone to work.

Patients with kidney disease have to treat it in early time, otherwise, it will develop to kidney failure, which is a period of kidney disease almost has no opportunity to cure. In this period, the harmful wastes will deposit in the body due to the low GFR, blood pressure may rise step by step, red blood cells will be urgent need, patients will suffer vomit, nausea, insomnia and etc.

Introduction of Kidney Diseases

If one is in this period, common western medicine will have no effect for him because the function of kidney is extremely low. Dialysis and kidney transplant are the choices in western countries. They don’t have other methods to solve this disease, and patients can merely wait to leave the world in such a bad situation. In our country, we use micro-chinese medicine osmotherapy, a traditional Chinese medicine to help nephritic patients keep away from dialysis and kidney transplant, for the reasons that dialysis has side effect for human body, and kidney transplant can just be effective in a short time and may have rejection reaction. Therefore, no matter which choice you use, I mean the two methods in western countries, you still need to face a series of problems in the future. However, micro-chinese medicine osmotherapy has no side effect and it is conductive to the blood circulation in the whole body.

Many patients have pulled through because of this method and some patients express great gratitude for our doctors. We are very happy for this result because help patients is our duty. If you have any questions about kidney disease, please feel free to talk with us.

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