TCM for Kidney Diseases

2014-03-06 16:53lily

Our hospital features traditional Chinese therapy for kidney diseases. We adopt Chinese medicine therapy to clean blood and treat kidney disease which is unique compared with other hospitals.

Therapies of other hospitals has limitation because they still apply antibiotics and other inflammatory drugs to eliminate inflammation caused by bacteria , viruses or other self rejection reaction.

We change therapy ideas of western medicine .We do not deal with different disease by similar drugs, but adopt Chinese medicine therapy to clean blood and eliminate focus.

Firstly, we employ blood physical purification technology to do repeating physical purification in body of patients.

Secondly, Chinese medicine therapy is given full play to take away inflammatory factors in patient’s blood and focal zone.

Thirdly, based on Chinese medical philosophy of increasing vitality and immunity, we use relevant medicine and therapy methods to emphasize on repairing focus in order to accelerate self healing and recovery of kidney function.

During this period of treatment, we should pay special attention to relapse of kidney disease, namely repeated pollution of blood and deterioration of focus. In this respect, as long as we do not ignore the first and second step when we are proceeding the third step, kidney disease will not be easy to relapse, but will be treatd gradually.

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