Characteristic Treatment of Kidney Disease

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From light to heavy degree, the occurrence and development of kidney disease divides into the following three processes: Qi stagnation, stasis stagnation and poison stagnation. Our treatment starts from the above three development processes.

Because we discover the pathogenesis of kidney disease, we make great progress in the treatment of kidney disease.

Characteristic therapy of kidney disease treatment:

Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine discovers the characteristic treatment for kidney disease after long-term research. The treatment concludes the following three aspects:

Firstly, in the stage of stasis stagnation, even the stage of Qi stagnation, we should begin treatment the disease as early as possible. The earlier it is treated, the better the effect is.

Secondly, when it develops to poison stagnation, only adjusting Qi, eliminating stasis and detoxifying poison combined can make us see the effect.

Finally, we should have the methods of discover stasis stagnation, and even Qi stagnation in advance.

These are the three characters of our hospital’ s kidney disease treatment: special medicine, special therapy and special test.

How do we eliminate stasis?

Our hospital use special medicine and special therapy to eliminate stasis. Special medicine for activating and breaking blood are used internally. The special therapies of warming and activating meridian are used externally. The two methods are combined to eliminate stasis. Activating and breaking blood internally and warming and activating meridian externally from our hospital’s characteristic therapy of eliminating stasis.

How do we adjust Qi?

We use special medicine and special therapy to adjust Qi. On one hand, special oral medicine are taken for activating Qi. On the other hand, special therapy are used externally for regulating Qi. Internal activation and external regulation are combined to reach the purpose of treatment.

The activating Qi and regulating Qi from our hospital’s characteristic method of adjusting Qi.

How do we detoxify poison?

We also use special medicine and special therapy through drawing, expelling and dissolve to detoxify poison. With special therapy, poison can be drew form the body through skin. And with special medicine, poison can be expelled and dissolved from the body. Internal and external methods are combined to slove poison stagnation.

Drawing poison internally as well as expelling and dissolving external, that is to say, the combination of drawing, expelling and dissolving form our hospital’s characteristic method of detoxifying poison.

Three unbridgeable processes of kidney treatment:

Our hospital’s characteristic therapy divides the kidney disease treatment into three processes of adjusting Qi, eliminating stasis and detoxifying poison. What’s more, the treatment of kidney disease must pass through these three treatment processes of adjusting Qi, eliminating stasis and detoxifying poison. Only in this way, kidney disease can be treated.

The three processes are unbridgeable processes of kidney treatment. Any methods that try to pass the three processes cannot get any effect. And every kidney disease patient must pass though these three treatment processes.

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