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Kidney disease treatment center

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  • The appropriate way to treat nephritic disease 日期:2017-03-28 11:52:04 点击:168 好评:0

    No matter which method we choose to treat the kidney disease, western or Chinese, we will all experience the following process: vasodilatation, anti-inflammation, anti-freezing and degradation of toxic substance. ...

  • Can nephritic patients give birth to babies? 日期:2017-03-28 11:48:52 点击:177 好评:0

    In many nephritic patients’ views, giving birth to babies is more important than treating their disease. In appropriate time, many patients put having their own babies as the top agenda rather than treating disease....

  • Four measures for nephritic syndrome 日期:2017-02-03 14:30:22 点击:114 好评:0

    Lying can increase renal blood flowing and the glomerular filtration rate, and reduce the retention of water and sodium. Bed rest and activity should be carried out alternately for patients with mild edema, and the amount of activity should ...

  • The Pathogenesis of Nephritic Syndrome 日期:2014-03-14 16:58:41 点击:122 好评:0

    Nowadays, more and more people are suffering from nepthritic syndrome, short for NS. However, quite a number of people dont know about much about the disease. So it is necessary for us to learn about its pathogenesis, then we can prevent an...