What is the therapy to treat kidney disease in our hospital?

    2017-03-31 14:07:44lin liu81

    The therapy to treat kidney disease in our hospital, in general, is called “detoxification therapy”, also called “therapy of eliminating the toxin in blood”...

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    Let the Chinese medicine illuminate the health of the road S

    2017-03-06 15:17:26Wu Yang135

     In response to the national "area along the way" development of strategic planning, practice Chinese medicine culture "going out" by the Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital director Shi Wei led the organization of Chinese medicine expert...

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    Carry out active service to enhance the connotation of quali

    2017-03-06 15:09:21Wu Yang65

    "These are our daily work of the Ministry of Nursing, and now has become our habit." In Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital corridor, the hospital nursing director Rong said to the garden, the hospital to take a variety of measures to impro...

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    Saying hello

    2014-03-07 16:53:50lily141

    Saying hello is a characteristic in The Fourth Hospital of Xingtai City. When you enter into the gate of the hospital, you can see smiling face and hear words of saying hello, which makes you feel cheerful and jolly. Smile is the most commo...

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    Service starts from me

    2014-03-04 16:46:26lily109

    Service starts from me is a characteristic service concept in The Fourth Hospital of Xingtai City. It is not just a slogan, but is shown in practical actions. Medical workers in The Fourth Hospital of Xingtai City, especially nurses, fully...

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