Strict control of service standards

2017-09-27 17:15Wu Yang

  "This is my son's clothes, he is almost with the ocean, should be able to wear." In the hospital hospital in Shijiazhuang kidney disease, the head of the clothes handed Zhang Sister's hands said.

  Zhang Sister is to accompany her husband came from Jiangsu treatment, the elderly at home is not good, can only be three years old in the side, had not been discharged a few days home, did not expect to catch up with the north of the cooling, Of the money and waste, and Zhang sister to the child is not cold, no way can only let the ocean stay in the ward do not go out, intends to wait for a little back home just fine.

  It seems that this is just a trivial little thing, for Zhang Sister and many have received help in the field of patients is to solve their big problem.

  Patients to the hospital, the most afraid of is the trouble, need a trip to run on a run, each check a test with a single and then go back to find a doctor, in order to allow patients to experience the true meaning of the "one-stop" Service, Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine "and other called" service "inquiry" service, not only to help patients to restore health, but also to help patients solve the problems of life, the greatest possible for patients to provide services.

  "The patient is not only concerned with treatment, as many foreign patients are more worried about living habits and language problems." Nursing Director Rong said to the garden, as health care workers, not only have enough expertise to solve the patient's body Of the pain, but also to be careful, meticulous, frequent communication, to understand the patient's concerns, to help patients solve psychological concerns, in order to ensure that patients can feel at ease treatment.

  "Only let everyone do a patient, only to know what patients want!" Rong to the park also said that the hospital will often organize doctors and nurses from time to time "patient experience" is to let all health care workers stand in the patient's point of view Experience, which can help you improve the work, improve the service, do not let patients find a doctor, but want patients to think ahead of the initiative to find patients to solve the patient treatment process of various problems.

  Rong to the director of the park said that in order to allow patients to feel at ease treatment, in addition to requiring medical staff to take the initiative to service, in the standard service, enhance service awareness, strict cases and other aspects of strict management, but also to patients with efficacy satisfaction as a criterion.

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