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Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine brings hope to hundreds of people with its unique technology. Since many people are not familiar with our medical procedure, we would like to introduce briefly here to make it convenient for patients.

Step1. Medical condition consulting

Patients can consult and communicate with experts through the website of Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, or hot line,008613373397217.After the consultation, patients will understand its own medical condition and decide whether to see a doctor in our hospital. This way saves troubles of registering and lining up, and thus is time-saving and economical.

Step2. Clinic reception and hospital admission arrangement

Patients may call to or go to our guiding desk, and guiding doctors will register for them. Then they will be arranged for suitable experts based on their personal medical condition. Experts will receive patients by “one to one ”method which will make patients more relax.

After consultation, medical guide will help patients to pay and do a range of examinations.

If a patient need to be hospitalized, clinic doctor will tell nurses to arrange for a bed. Nurses will also accompany with patients to handle hospital admission formalities until patient is sent to his ward and explain the patient’s medical condition to his doctor in charge.

For some difficult or complicated disease, our expert group will discuss and work out a best and most suitable solution together.

Step3. Medical return visit

Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine has a service center for other service beyond therapy, such as psychological consultation, vehicle arrangement, going out escort, accommodation for patients out-of-town, ticket service, etc. We also offers remote service for patient therapy.

We enhance track management of patients discharged from our hospital. We have a specialized organization responsible for the management, and every doctor must pay a return visit to patients discharged from our hospital at a fixed period. Every month we will have a medical condition seminar for patients discharged. Though all of this, we try our best to put patients in our heart, and make sure they will benefit in their whole life.

Step.4 Contact numbe

Contact number: 008613373397217

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