renal failure

    The Symptoms of Chronic Renal Failure

    2014-03-14 10:41:48lily80

    Most of us dont know much about chronic renal failure(CRF) and many people dont pay attention to it. But in most case, when we discover we are diagnosed as CRF, it has develpoed into the serious period. Therefore, it is necessary to know th...

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    Treat renal insufficiency by Chinese medicine avoiding a lon

    2014-03-12 15:57:01lily62

    Renal insufficiency is a syndrome caused by a variety of reasons which make our body appear misorder in respects of excreting metabolic waste and regulating water electrolyte and acid-base balance. It is one of diseases threatening life. Th...

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    What Are the Diet Taboos of Chronic Renal Insufficiency

    2014-03-12 09:18:26lily179

    What are the diet taboos of chronic renal insufficiency? Here are some advice from experts of our hospital. In order to make full use of protein intake from daily diet and stop it from turning into energy and burn, patients should adopt die...

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    The Common Symptoms of Renal Failure

    2014-03-05 15:35:56Cindy262

    Renal failure can be so severe that harms patients physical and psychological health heavily. So we must learn about the symptoms of renal failure, then we can prevent the invading of the disease and take symptomatic treatment. Now let me i...

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