renal failure

    Potassium kidney failure

    2017-01-19 13:38:33lin liu193

    How to control blood potassium level? Some people have high blood potassium, but they dont know whats wrong with this condition? High serum potassium reason one: overintake is mainly reason of overintake. Unsuitable diet, take much food ric...

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    The Diet for Renal Failure Patients

    2014-03-31 17:08:45lily214

    The impairment of kidney function of renal failure patients is slow and irreversible, hence the discharge capacity of kidney tend to be gradually weakened. Afterwards toxins tend to accumulate in kidney, which always results in vicious spir...

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    How to Treat the Renal Failure Caused by Hemorrhagic Fevers

    2014-03-31 17:05:16Cindy138

    How to treat the renal failure caused by hemorrhagic fever? Epidemic hemorrhagic fever, also known as hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome, which is a natural focal disease caused by epidemic hemorrhagic fever virus. The disease is charact...

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    The Three Diet Taboos of Renal Failure Patients

    2014-03-28 17:12:02Cindy89

    People often hold the opinion that closed mouth catches no flies, but reasonable and healthy eating habits can also shape a healthy body. Therefore, renal failure must pay much attention to their diets. And what can they have? What cant the...

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    Why does Renal Failure Patients Feel Smelly in Mouth?

    2014-03-28 17:10:06Cindy114

    Chronic renal function failure,also called chronic renal failure, is the result of the deterioration of various chronic kidney diseases .Besides, as the development of chronic renal failure, patients may also suffer from uremia. So it is ve...

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