renal failure

    Four Eating Habits Can Lead To Kidney Failure

    2017-02-11 14:47:47Shan Nie183

    The number of patients with renal failure has increased in recent years. Besides of the factors of the life stress, poor eating habits is the cause, as well....

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    How kidneys fail?

    2017-02-08 14:48:20lin liu74

    Kidneys maintain the chemistry of the body. They clean the body’s entire blood supply every 5 minutes. Approximately 200 quarts of blood flow through your kidneys every 24 hours....

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    Diabetes-induced renal failure

    2017-02-08 14:47:57lin liu202

    The most common cause of kidney damage is diabetic nephropathy, which is caused by diabetes. Diabetes prevents the body from dealing with sugar, that also to say glucose, properly...

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    Kidney failure patients should not eat those food

    2017-02-08 14:44:03Shan Nie204

    In the life, kidney failure patients need pay attention to the intake of phosphorus and potassium , to control the diet.Strive to do a good job in nursing care meanwhile treatment, so that the disease recovery earlier....

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    How to Prevent Renal Failure?

    2017-01-19 13:40:23Cindy163

    When coming to renal failure-the previous stage of uremia, many of us tend to be so scared that they may erect hairs.In addition to the genetic factors, and largely may due to we havent paid a lot of attention to the daily life habits. So h...

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