What are the complications of kidney failure?

2017-04-27 17:08Wu Yang

  Do you know those diseases are caused by kidney failure? We all know kidney failure is a severe disease and it would bring many complications which even could make patients lost their life. What are the complications of kidney failure? Now let us give you some information about that.

  Digestive system disease

  Many patients would appear many symptoms of digestive system disease such as thirsty, low appetite, nausea and vomiting etc. More serious kidney failure patients also would appear nasal bleeding or digestive tract bleeding.

  Disease of cardiovascular system

  To kidney failure patients, their blood pressure would increase with the development of renal failure. High blood pressure for a long time would lead to electrolyte disorder and toxin in body which would worsen patient’s condition.

  Disease of hematopoietic system

  The anemia of renal failure patients almost because the reduction of the produce of erythropoietin caused by weakened renal function.

  Nervous system disease

  When renal failure patients in the early stage, they would appear the symptoms of headache, low memory, impaired concentration and fatigue etc. The advanced patients would appear the symptoms of sleepy, dizzy, fasciculation and so on. Those are caused by nervous system disease.

  Disease of respiratory system

  Kidney failure always with the symptoms of dry cough and nasal odor. When patients with heart failure, they would appear labored breathing, spasmodic cough and so on.

  Urinary tract infection

  In the early and middle stage, patients would have a large amount of proteinuria.

  Renal failure patients should get the proper treatments in time to avoid dialysis or kidney transplant. If you want to know more information about kidney disease and treatments, you can send a email to our doctors:sjzdoctors@gmail.com!

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