The Precaution of Renal Failure

2014-03-16 09:52lily

Kidney is one of the most important organs in our bodies, and our lives can be effected heavily if our kidneys are damaged, especially when we get renal failure. Therefore, it is necessary for us to make a perfect precaution of renal failure. Now let’s learn how to prevent renal failure.

1 Strengthen our corporeity

We should arrange our daily schedule of rest and work reasonably, and we had better participate appropriate activities, to strengthen our physical condition, enhance our corporeity and improve our body immunity.

2 infection prevention Most of renal failure patients are induced by infection. So if we want to prevent renal failure, we must prevent the infection, such as catching a cold, rheumatism, wind fever, hot poison, damp heat etc. So we should avoid streaming sweat in wind, hanging out in rain days, wearing wet clothes etc.

3 Caution with nephrotoxic drugs. Some drugs can have great harm to kidney, even they can poison kidney. And some renal patients tend to have some relationships with nephrotoxic drugs. Therefore, patients can’t take anti-inflammatory or analgesic drugs casually. Such as antibiotics like gentamicin, the drug containing potassium and mercury and the traditional Chinese medicines which are too hot or too cold, like Fructus Xanthii, thunder god vine, or radix aconiti agrestis..

4 Watch your diet Generally, renal failure patients always have malnutrition, so their diets should be adjusted very well. They should have food like egg, milk, lean meat, fresh vegetables etc. Meanwhile, they had better not have the stimulating food (such as mutton, fish, shrimps, etc.). Besides, they should prohibit tobacco and wine.

5 Prevent catching a cold. Influenza is a kind of systemic disease, which can decrease patients’ immunity, then it can lead to secondary infection. Because influenza may aggravate nearly forty percent of chronic nephritis patients’ condition, and chronic nephritis is the first primary disease causing kidney failure. Therefore, we must attach great importance to the prevention of catching cold in our daily life.

In our daily lives, if we want to prevent disease effectively, we need to develop good habits, have reasonable diet, do more exercise, maintain positive and optimistic attitudes.

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