Nursing for Kidney Failure

2017-04-23 14:09Jin Liu

  Kidney failure brings a lot of damages. It is divided into chronic kidney failure and acute kidney failure. Both chronic kidney failure and acute kidney failure causes huge harms to health. Proper nursing helps improve the condition a lot. Here are some nursing measures for patients with kidney failure.

  Keep long-time treatment

  kidney failure tends to relapse. Chronic kidney failure repeats when there is cold, fatigue, and motion swings. On the other hand, it has a long time. Therefore, avoid stopping treatment immediately when the symptoms are alleviated.

  Prevent cold

  Cold, especially flu, is a risk factor of kidney disease. Flu tends to cause kidney lesion. Influenza virus could invade nephrons directly, and damage inherent renal cells. And also it can combine with antigen to form immune complex. When the glomerular filtration membrane gets damaged, the permeability of the membrane decreases, which aggravates the condition of proteinuria and edema. For some cases, it could lead to heart failure.

  Remain a regular daily routine

  A regular daily routine contributes a lot to the condition. In daily life, enough sleep and mild exercise should be ensured in order to reinforce immunity.

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