How to Prevent Renal Insufficiency

2014-03-15 17:15lily

Renal insufficiency results from many reasons, which are clinical syndromes because of the disorder in the excretion of metabolic waste, in the regulation of water and electrolyte, or in the acid-base balance when the patients’ glomerulars are severely damaged. The disease can be divided into acute renal insufficiency and chronic renal insufficiency. And the prognosis of this disease is very severe, and the disease is one of main threats to our lives. Fortunately, the disease can be prevented. So let’s go forward to learn how we can prevent renal insufficiency.

First, we should treat patients with hyperlipemia, hyperglycemia, and hyperuricemia in time, in order to prevent those factors above from aggravating the damages to kidney.

Second, patients had better not go to public places. As patients’ immunity is very poor, the toxin in their bodies tends to increase, which can suppress the function of white blood cells in the immune system function. And then patients may get infection easily. Acute glomerulonephritis are frequently caused by the infection of upper respiratory tract infection, especially streptococcus infection. And preschool children are the most susceptible to the disease, but they can recover easily. However, for adult patients, half of them will develop into getting chronic nephritis, which are very difficult to be treated.

Third, medicines excreted by kidney can also harm kidney, such as gentamicin, sulfa antibiotics, penicillin, indomethacin, paracetamol, hormone, contrast agents etc.

Fourth, patients with renal insufficiency should have a reasonable intake of protein. The protein in the diet is the major source of metabolic products of our human body. However, in order to reduce the burden of the residual kidney, patients’ digested protein must adapt to renal excretion ability.

Last but not the least, patients should have a good rest. Patients should have adequate rest and have enough nutrition, they had better not do activities beyond their strength.

In summery, it is clear that renal insufficiency won’t be treated or controlled until we choose right and proper treatments. The warm reminding from our professors: we can reverse the renal function as long as we adopt timely treatment, because the condition of renal insufficiency condition is not so serious at the early stage.

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