Both father and son with PKD

2017-09-27 17:12Wu Yang

  Mr. Zhao, 49-year-old, was born in Jingmen, Hubei, China. He has high blood pressure, but no regular medication for this. He often feels back pain recently. At the beginning, he thought it was due to tired, but the pain didn’t disappear after resting for a period of time. So Mr. Zhao went to the hospital to have a CT scan and ultrasound test and he was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease.

  Mr. Zhao knows that Polycystic kidney disease is a congenital genetic disease, so he let his son take a test too. It was found that his son is also a polycystic kidney disease patient.

  Mr. Zhao not only has high blood pressure but also high blood sugar because he has to drink due to his work. But his son who just graduated from school and lived regularly also has high blood pressure. He finally knew the reason.

  He finally came to our hospital by one of his friend’s recommendation. At the begining, Mr. Zhao let our doctor treat his son only because he was worried about that the money may spend in vain if there is no effects. To his surprise, his son’s high blood pressure decreased after 3-day treatment. He saw the effects and began to take our treatment too.

  After two weeks of treatment, Mr. Zhao’s kidneys became much smaller than before. The largest cyst became 1.7cm from 4.5cm. His son’s blood pressure was normal and the largest cyst became 2.2cm from 6.5cm.

  How to achieve it? We apply another method to clear out the toxins in blood, that is Chinese medicine treatment.

  "Remove toxins" is one of the fundamental points in Chinese medicine treatment. There are many methods to remove the toxins in blood, such as medicated bath, fuming and steaming, foot bath, enema and so on.

  Another advantage of Chinese medicine treatment is that it can resist the growth of the cysts. Such treatment featuring: 1. reduce the source of the fluid in the cyst, inactive the epithelial cells to stop it producing fluid. 2. promote the excretion of the fluid in the cysts, increase the permeability of the blood circulation of the cysts so as to make the rebound.

  Therefore the Chinese medicine treatment not only can control the symptoms of kidney disease, but also can treat it from the very root.

  If you have any kidney problems, you can consult in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine online doctor for advice.

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