renal cyst

    Can TCM Eliminate Renal Cyst?

    2014-03-27 17:09:38Cindy160

    What is renal cyst? Renal cyst is a general term for all of kidney cystic masses which are not interlinked with the outside world of kidney, in various sizes. Meanwhile, renal cysts can be divided into four categories: adult polycystic kidn...

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    What Kind of Diets Rules Should Renal Cyst Patients Notice

    2014-03-18 11:39:01lily87

    What kind of diet rules should renal cysts patients notice? Renal cyst patients can digest those fruits and vegetables in rich iron, like carrots. They can also have fruits and vegetables containing with rich vitamin. ...

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    What are the Announcements of Renal Cyst

    2014-03-04 16:39:37lily175

    As the pace of life accelerating, harmful habits are gradually corroding us, then as a result, renal cyst is in a highly rate of incidence. In general, doctors propose that patients with tiny cyst just need to check regularly, and dont ne...

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    The Diet for Renal Cyst Patients

    2014-03-04 16:38:41lily186

    Unhealthy eating habits can aggravate the patients illness, and it is not good for their recovery. Therefore, their diets should be fresh, mild and nutritious. Meanwhile, they had better have more fruits, control the ingestion of the protei...

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