renal cyst

    The Causes of High Creatinine

    2014-04-14 19:49:20lily88

    High creatinine can cause serious damages to patients and it has a variety of clinical manifestations, meanwhile, patients should always pay attention to their own bodies, even tiny changes of any tiny conditions, so that patients can detec...

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    The Diet for Patients with High Creatinine

    2014-04-14 19:46:01Cindy147

    Creatinine can seriously impact patientshealth condition , because patients would suffer from high creatinine once their kidneys are damaged. Meanwhile, diet has a great relation with creatinine. Therefore,patients need to restrict the inta...

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    How to Cut down Creatinine

    2014-04-14 19:40:42Cindy157

    Creatinine is a sensitive index of glomerular filtration function, meanwhile, it can also reflect toxin levels in vivo. That is to say, high level of creatinine means high level of toxins,.As we all know, toxin can aggravate health conditio...

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    The Diet Notices of Renal Cyst Patients

    2014-04-10 20:10:23lily75

    Renal cyst is a kind of common kidney disease. Meanwhile, good diet habits can greatly help patients recover from renal cyst, so what kind of notice should these patients pay attention to? To solve this problem, lets learn about the notices...

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    The Hidden Dangers in the Treatments of Renal Cyst

    2014-03-27 17:12:27lily141

    During the the treatment process of renal cyst, due to some patients are too eger to recover from the disease to realize the hidden dangers in the treatments, which may have passive a influence on their recovery indeed. Therefore, lets lear...

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