Should I be worried about when I have calcified renal cysts?

2017-04-24 16:07Wu Yang

  Kidney cysts are small, liquid-filled sacs in the kidneys that are rather common, particularly in elderly individuals. If cysts are small in sizes, no treatment is needed. Along with progression of illness condition, cysts may increase and enlarge, and treatment should be applied. However, should I be worried about when I have calcified renal cysts?

  What is calcified renal cyst?

  Generally speaking, calcified kidney cyst is also called kidney stone, which occurs in the kidney calices, renal pelvis and Uretero Pelvic Jurction. The morbidity of calcified cyst of the kidney gradually increases along with the improvement of people’s life quality and nutrients.

  Well then, should I take treatment to deal with my calcified cysts?

  Actually, the question is concerned by many patients. In common conditions, no treatment is needed, but it is important to go to hospital for regularly review. And calcium deposits in the kidneys may not cause symptoms or complications and may be reversible as long as kidney function remains intact. Generally speaking, no treatment is needed if you have small renal cyst, while the big cysts may oppress renal parenchymal, triggering related symptoms, like pain, swelling, high blood pressure. The cysts can be treated by the Paracentesis and laparoscopic de-roofing. If you also suffer from complications of infection, kidney stone, cyst rupture, nephrectomy may be required if necessary. Calcified cysts of the kidneys do not use any treatments because the size is small, which cannot cause oppression. What’s more, calcified cysts are benign. Therefore, there is no point taking treatments.

  However, if your symptoms make you upset, you can take some Chinese herbal medicine to ease discomfort. Of course, once finding illness condition becomes severe in the short time, it is necessary to take professional treatment so as to prevent further damage. In our hospital, Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, natural treatments can help you treat kidney problems without any pain and side effects, just like Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. If you want to get the treatment, email to us at or leave a message below directly.

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