The advantages of peritoneal dialysis

2017-04-08 16:29Jin Liu

First, peritoneal dialysis is broadly used in all over the world for its simple equipment and operation. It can be taken in primary hospital or even in home without any hinder in patients’ work. Patients don’t need to use more anticoagulants and the low absorptivity of heparin will lower the bleeding risk, which will be appropriate for the patients with bleeding tendency.

Second, peritoneal dialysis belongs to the blood circulation in body, which has the benefits of avoidance hemodynamic changes caused by the dramatic reduce in blood volume. The dramatic reduce of blood volume will lower the hypotention, then lead to the unbalance of hemato-microenvironment, especially for olders who have CVD.

peritoneal dialysis

Third, peritoneal dialysis has the function of protecting the residual renal function. According to research, the decrease speed of residual kidney function is slower for patients with peritoneal dialysis than for patients with hematodialysis. However, the residual kidney function is very important for improving the life quality and living period of dialysis patients.

Fourth, peritoneal dialysis is better than hematodialysis in clearing away of medium molecular substance and perfect of anemia and neuropathy.

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