Purpura Nephritis Diet

2017-03-06 17:11Wu Yang

There is no specific diet is available for Purpura Nephritis patients, however the bland diet is suggested for it can alleviate the gastrointestinal symptoms. Spicy and salty food should be avoided in the bland diet list. Fruits, vegetables, rice, toast and applesauce are good choices.

Purpura Nephritis Diet

One of the Purpura Nephritis symptoms is gastrointestinal problem which make many patients hardly absorb enough nutrition. Make healthy choices of easily tolerated foods to get the most nutrition from the foods that you eat. In addition to foods on the BRAT diet, boiled eggs, soups and noodles are good choices.

As for the water consumption, it may vary from condition to condition. It is significant to keep hydrated when you are diagnosed with Purpura Nephritis. The condition normally clears up on its own over a period of weeks, but during that time, you are suggested to drink enough water, sports drinks or herbal tea to remain hydrated.

In addition, some drinks should be avoided, such as cola, milk, coffee. All of them are bad for your condition.

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