Dietary principles for Purpura Nephritis

2017-03-06 15:31Wu Yang

For patients with purpura nephritis, managing a well-planned diet is very important. In the course of Purpura Nephritis, patients need to have enough rest and pay attention to keep balance of water and electrolytes. Patients with edema and massive proteinuria should live a life with low salt, water limitation and protein restriction. The following dietary tips need patients to pay special attention.

First, purpura nephritis patients should eat some foods with light in taste and nourishing and easy to be absorded. Besides, patients should stay far away from high protein and high salt as well as greasy foods as these foods can worsen kidney damages.

Dietary principles for Purpura Nephritis

Second, foods which can cause allergy such as crabs, shrimps and mutton should be avoided by purpura nephritis patients.

Third, foods should be highly processed, and this is because coarse foods can lead to bleeding of gastrointestinal tract.

Fourth, to be heathy, patients with purpura nephritis had better avoid wine and smoking.

Fifth, Purpura Nephritis patients with blood urine should avoid spicy and stimulating foods, such as chicken, seafoods, pepper, mutton and fish. They should eat some fruits and vegetables. Stay far away from sodium because heavy sodium will elevate blood pressure and aggravate the retention of water.

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