Allergic purpura nephritis should pay attention to matters

2017-03-01 15:37Wu Yang

Allergic purpura nephritis patients with different physique, so the impact of the disease on the patient is not the same. A small number of patients with Henoch-Schonlein purpura nephritis often develop due to deterioration of the disease for several years, the middle of kidney disease, acute renal failure, death. So allergic purpura nephritis patients should pay attention to their daily life.

Allergic purpura nephritis should pay attention to matters

Edema of the patient's skin due to wet soaking, low resistance, prone to damage and sore, so pay special attention to skin care. Such as severe edema, skin tension bright, meager, scrotum easily broken, should often use warm water for the patient to clean the skin, must not be brutally forced scrub, washed after the lubricant and talc can be coated, scrotum can be used to lift the test bed , Should prevent bed sores.

Pay attention to oral hygiene, timely detection of hidden dangers, such as dental caries, gingivitis, mouth ulcers, tonsil enlargement, throat pain, etc., put an end to all factors that may cause the disease to increase. Usually with anti-inflammatory mouthwash, light salt water or silver flower licorice water mouthwash. Bed rest, to hematuria, edema disappeared, blood pressure, urine routine examination close to normal, in order to gradually increase the activity.

Edema when the patient's water diversion should be based on the number of daily discharge of urine by the number of decisions. In general, when the amount of urine is small, the amount of water can be reduced accordingly, usually corresponding to the amount of urine before the day less, the amount of water can be reduced accordingly, usually equivalent to the day before the urine volume plus 500 ml is appropriate (including food Of the soup, liquid, etc.). Such as patients with high fever, vomiting or diarrhea, may be appropriate to increase the amount of drinking water. General daily intake should be limited to 1000 ml or less. If you encounter 24 hours less than 500 ml of urine or urine closed, should be promptly to the regular hospital for treatment

Diet on the consumption of eutrophication, a variety of vitamins and easy to digest. To avoid spicy stimulation, cold goods. And then there is to avoid re-exposure to allergens, to prevent the recurrence of disease and deterioration.

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