polycystic kidney disease

    The therapies of polycystic kidney disease

    2017-02-05 14:57:50lin liu67

      The patients should adopt conservative and supportive therapies unless they have uncommon complications. ...

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    The Treating for PKD

    2017-02-05 14:55:40lin liu163

    Polycystic kidney is large and small cysts in the entire kidney, these cysts will grow with increasing age, which can damage the renal structure and reduce the nephron. ...

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    Common therapies for polycystic kidney disease

    2017-01-31 14:53:44lin liu158

    At present, there is no way to prevent the development of the disease. Early detection, prevention of the occurrence and development of complications, timely and correct treatment are essential for the patients. 1. Cyst decompression: This...

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    What are the taboos for polycystic kidney diet?

    2017-01-24 11:34:36lin liu51

    Polycystic kidney disease is a common hereditary kidney disease, and hypertension and renal dysfunction, renal cysts, pain, bleeding and other symptoms of polycystic kidney disease has brought a huge impact on patients....

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    The Women Can Give A Birth?

    2017-01-24 11:22:50lin liu155

     Many women do not want to have a baby, but due to the age and compelling from motherhood, they wish to have their babies and most of them can achieve their goal......

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