polycystic kidney disease

    Polycystic kidney disease will not be inherited to the next

    2017-02-07 15:48:45lin liu108

     1.Men and women are equally likely to attack.   2. If one side of the parents are ill, 50% of children may get the genetic disease....

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    Common dietary taboo for PKD patients

    2017-02-05 15:07:20lin liu120

      1.Visceral food: cooked food with visceral food is not suitable for the diet of polycystic kidney disease, especially animal liver. ...

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    Notices for PKD Patients

    2017-02-05 15:04:25lin liu108

    Having a cold, especially the constantly cold, can increase the risk of kidney damage in patients with polycystic kidney disease and accelerate the development of kidney damage....

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    The testing for polycystic kidney disease

    2017-02-05 15:03:34lin liu122

    There was no abnormality in early stage, and there was microscopic hematuria in middle and late stage. When the patients companied with stones and infection, there will be the appearance of white blood cells and pus cells....

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    Patients can not bear?

    2017-02-05 14:59:42lin liu139

    Some women with polycystic kidney disease is about to bear and they are very concerned about whether they can bear or not. In fact, whether the patients can bear or not is mainly according to the different disease conditions. In the followin...

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