polycystic kidney disease

    Which kind of diet should be noticed for polycystic kidney d

    2017-04-15 16:45:01Jin Liu138

     Polycystic kidney disease is a genetic kidney disease. For most patients, the daily diet is more important than the clinical treatment.   Cyst enlargement is caused by a series of factors, and therefore the patients should pay attent...

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    These diets should be avoid by PKD patients

    2017-04-14 16:33:52Jin Liu166

    Visceral food:   The cooked food from visceral food and the animal's internal organs is not suitable for patients with polycystic kidney disease, especially animal liver. Many toxins left in the animal slaughter process in the liver and...

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    How long can PKD patients live?

    2017-04-07 09:42:37Wu Yang106

    With proper treatment, the patients can live many years. In western medicine, there is no effective treatment by now. ...

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    2017-04-06 14:52:49Wu Yang91

    The diagnosis of ADPKD is mainly based on family history, imaging examination and genetic diagnosis....

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    The wrong treatment for PKD

    2017-03-30 14:47:03Jin Liu63

    PKD is a typical genetic kidney disease. When one has PKD, his children may also suffer this disease. And in early time, it has no obvious symptoms so it is very hard to be discovered. ...

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