Why polycystic kidney patients should eat less salt?

2017-04-20 16:27Jin Liu

  Why polycystic kidney patients to avoid salt?The patient’s daily diet is different from the others depend on different condition and stage.It is important for patients to choose reasonably diet. Depend on one’s situation.

  Edible salts is sodium chloride, chlorine and sodium ion is necessary to our body.Take sodium for example, sodium ions in the blood is the main ion to maintain plasma osmotic pressure.If there are too many sodium ions in the blood, osmotic pressure will rise, moisture from the surrounding vessels move to high osmotic pressure vessels, caused intravascular excessive moisture, increase the burden of the heart, will cause high blood pressure, heart failure; on the contrary, the sodium ion less, intravascular water moves out,hypotension, shock, chronic loss of sodium can cause chronic diarrhea, fatigue, weakness, low blood pressure, dizziness.

  For many polycystic kidney patients, in fact if protein and occult blood indexes in the early stage is normal, we recommend routine diet.That shows patient is with kidney inflammation if patients protein and occult blood leakage.So at this time must appropriate intake of salt.

  When the patients with the disease under control, urine normal, no edema and hypertension, is not required to limit salt, salt will not make nephritis recurrence. Although not required to limit salt intake, but also do not advocate eating salty foods, such as pickles, salted fish, bacon, and some other salted food.

  All the above are the explanation.You can also communicate with the expert online if there is any other question.

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