These diets should be avoid by PKD patients

2017-04-15 16:47Jin Liu

  1. Visceral food:

  The cooked food from visceral food and the animal's internal organs is not suitable for patients with polycystic kidney disease, especially animal liver. Many toxins left in the animal slaughter process in the liver and kidney, especially in the liver. The function of the liver is detoxification, a lot of animal metabolism of toxins are left in the internal organs, if the patient to take these substances, which will increase the burden on the kidneys and increase the severity of the disease.

  2. The food rich in protein:

  Every kidney disease patient should take low protein diet to avoid the nitrogen metabolite synthesis in body, and reduce the excretion of the kidney, such as soybean, tofu, and other soy products.

  3. Fermented food:

  Fermented foods are mainly the foods from strain fermentation, such as tofu, eggs, and eggs, which are beneficial to the growth of cysts.

  4. Alcohol drinks:

  For the PKD patients, the alcohol drinks should be avoid, especially the white alcohol, which can stimulate kidneys heavily and the activity of polycystic protein, and accelerate the growing of cysts.

  5. Coffee, chocolate should be prohibited strictly:

  The polycystic kidney patients should know some common sense about diet, the diet is important for polycystic kidney disease.

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