What are the nursing measures for kidney disease?

    2017-03-06 15:31:51Wu Yang60

    What are the nursing measures for kidney disease? Nephrotic syndrome is a glomerular syndrome, can be divided into primary and secondary, but they need to be treated early...

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    Nursing attention of patients with nephropathy

    2017-03-06 15:20:33Wu Yang124

     1, the rest of the patients with kidney disease need to pay attention to rest, do not over-activity, otherwise it will increase the condition, such as changes in urine will increase, increased urinary protein or hematuria increased, after...

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    Four measures for nephritic syndrome

    2017-02-03 14:30:22lin liu114

    Lying can increase renal blood flowing and the glomerular filtration rate, and reduce the retention of water and sodium. Bed rest and activity should be carried out alternately for patients with mild edema, and the amount of activity should ...

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    Prevention and treatment of infection in renal nursing

    2014-03-07 21:36:10lily86

    First, doctors should let patients and their family members know the importance of preventing infection. Doctor should guide patients to strengthen nutrition, have more rest, maintain personal hygiene, keep try and clean on patients skin an...

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    Methods of Preventing Cold for Kidney Patients

    2014-03-06 20:34:45lily189

    For kidney patinets, clod is especailly paid attention to for cold can aggreviate the illness or result relapse. Then whta are the methods of preventing clod for kidney patients? In every morning and evening or when you go out, smearing som...

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