Substitution Therapy of Renal Puncture

    2017-04-05 16:11:01Wu Yang174

    Luoshi cobas 8000 biological immune module analysis system can apply medicine according to the indications through the detection of toxins in patients’ blood. ...

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    Precautions before and after renal puncture

    2017-04-05 16:08:27Wu Yang122

    Precautions before renal puncture: the key point of the success in renal puncture lies in the perfect cooperation from patients. ...

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    Why do patients need to do renal puncture?

    2017-04-05 16:06:03Wu Yang130

    First, due to the variety of kidney disease and the complex of pathology and mechanism, many clinical symptoms of kidney disease are not very identity with the transformation in renal histology....

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    Detection of kidney function

    2017-04-05 16:03:07Wu Yang96

    Kidney is an crucial organ in human body, which has the function of filtrating the wastes via metabolism and adjust to the balance between acid and alkali, as well as the balance in blood pressure, red blood cells and calcium....

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    The development direction of the treatment for kidney diseas

    2017-03-31 13:52:56Rank name93

    In recent years, more and more doctors realize that kidney disease can not be cured from the root if we just suppress the inflammation reaction without extra action. With the decrement of hormone, the inhibiting effect will decline step by s...

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