Diet principle for kidney disease patients.

    2017-04-07 09:50:11Wu Yang89

    Low-salt diet: for IGa Nephropathy Patients, if they have obvious edema, they should restrict the intake of salt avoiding aggravating the condition of edema. For patients with slight or no symptoms of edema they should take low-salt diet....

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    2017-04-07 09:48:55Wu Yang154

    Healthy adults usually excrete between 80 and 150 mg of protein in their urine each day, including serum globulins and albumin....

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    2017-04-07 09:45:04Wu Yang77

    Hormone is the most familiar medicine to the kidney disease, almost a kind of necessary medicine. But we have to face the predicament: with the extensive time of taking the medicine, the effect of hormone will get worse and worse....

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    Advice on keeping weight

    2017-04-06 14:57:59Wu Yang109

    You Need to Stop Eating a Few Hours Before BedtimeYou’ve probably heard the ill-advised saying to never eat after 6/7/8 at night, because if you do all of your calories will automatically be stored as fat calories and you’ll gain weight....

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    Symptoms of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

    2017-04-06 14:56:08Wu Yang62

    The kidneys have very strong compensatory ability. That is the reason why Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) can progress without symptoms for a long time until minimal kidney function is left....

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