How to nurse the children with nephropathy

2017-04-22 16:12Jin Liu

  How to nurse the children with nephropathy? With the development of economy, more and more children suffer from nephropathy, such as nephritis,nephritic syndrome and others. Once children suffer from those diseases, their parents should give them good care as follows.

  Children have bad self-controlled ability; they may stay up and play. At this time, their parents should pay much attention on arrange their rest time; make sure they get enough rest.

  Children should eat low salt food, especially children with hypertension. Children can eat more fresh fruit and vegetable to supply vitamin.

  Children should often change cloth, make sure the cloth always clean, keep skin clean to prevent skin infection.

  Children’s room should often open window to change air, do not bring children go to super market or cinema to the greatest extent. According to the weather to put on or put off cloth and prevent cold.

  Cautious reduce medicine does or stop medicine. For treat kidney disease, hormone treatment is one of main treatments; children should under doctor guidance and never reduce medicine does and stop medicine at will.

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