How to prevent catch a cold for kidney disease patients

2017-04-22 16:12Jin Liu

  How to prevent catch a cold for kidney disease patients? Cold is caused by influenza virus. It is stated that influenza virus will influence kidney and lead to kidney lesion. On one hand, influenza virus can damage kidney tissue directly; on the other hand, influenza virus also can cause immune complexus nephritis. Flu not only can cause kidney lesion, but also can aggravate kidney patients condition, and make them condition difficult to control, such as protein and swelling get worse. For people with renal insufficiency, it also can lead to kidney failure and heart failure. Therefore, prevent catch a cold is important to prevent nephritis occur and aggravate.

  How to prevent catch a cold?

  Take more exercise and invigorate health effectively to enhance disease resistance.

  Pay attention to environment hygiene and personal hygiene, avoid predisposing factors.

  Put on and put off cloth timely when the weather changes.

  In flu period, patients should wear respirator and avoid go to public place to prevent cross infection.

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