Pay Attention: Learn The Harms Of Getting CKD

    2017-04-24 17:15:46Wu Yang200

    CKD, chronic kidney disease, is a progressive kidney disease. With the development of this disease, it can cause some severe harms to people. In this article, we will learn the harms of getting CKD. If you want to get direct help, you can s...

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    what makes bone hurt after dialysis

    2017-04-24 16:00:51Wu Yang177

    Quite a number of kidney failure patients on dialysis complain that they have moderate or severe bone hurt or pain after dialysis, but they don’t know the causes and best treatment. Well then, what makes bone hurt after dialysis? To be fr...

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    How to prevent catch a cold for kidney disease patients

    2017-04-22 16:12:50Jin Liu181

    How to prevent catch a cold for kidney disease patients? Cold is caused by influenza virus. It is stated that influenza virus will influence kidney and lead to kidney lesion. ...

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    How to nurse the children with nephropathy

    2017-04-22 16:12:05Jin Liu168

    How to nurse the children with nephropathy? With the development of economy, more and more children suffer from nephropathy, such as nephritis,nephritic syndrome and others. Once children suffer from those diseases, their parents should give...

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    How to care ourselves for a nephrotic in daily life?

    2017-04-20 16:38:58Jin Liu174

    In daily life,people with kidney disease should pay more attention to the daily care,it is helpful for the patients to have a reasonable maintenance....

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