nephrotic syndrome

    Will the Pregnant NS Women Patients Be At Risk?

    2014-03-27 16:48:00lily154

    Whether the pregnant female NS patients are at risk? Now we cant give a absolute or quick answer, because the answer should depend on the concrete condition of patients. In fact, pregnancy can have a extreme great harm to fetus and female p...

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    The Diet and Nutrition of Nephrotic Syndrome Patients

    2014-03-27 16:46:56lily218

    Now lets learn about the diet and nutrition of nephritic syndrome patients. Because patients can also suffer from gastrointestinal mucosa edema and hydrops abdominis, which can affect patients digestion and absorption. Therefore, patients s...

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    What are the Complications of Nephrotic Syndrome?

    2014-03-27 16:46:13lily102

    What are the complications of nephrotic syndrome? As we all know, nephrotic syndrome is a common kidney disease, and most of the onset crowd are children. Besides nephrotic syndrome can also lead to some complications during its treatment p...

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    The Clinical Manifestations of NS

    2014-03-25 16:59:53lily147

    The basic charateristics of NS includes three high and one low, meaning high protein, high edema, hyperlipemi and hypoproteinemia and other clinical syndrome featured by metabolic disorders. In the following, lets look at the clinical menif...

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    How Does TCM Treats Nephrotic Syndrome(NS)

    2014-03-15 11:17:36lily215

    There are many therapies to treat the nephrotic syndrome(NS). As we all know, both of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine have their own advantages and disadvantages, but the Chinese medicine can better prevent the recurrence...

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