nephrotic syndrome

    What will cause kidney syndrome?

    2017-02-08 09:53:57Shan Nie207

    .Tumor.Tumor with lung ,stomach,colon,breast,ovary,thyroid, leukemia and lymphoma,Willm tumor and so on....

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    The diet for nephrotic syndrome

    2017-01-22 10:30:41Wu Yang96

    Nephrotic syndrome is always caused by our daily details such as diets. Treatment for nephrotic syndrome will start from the details, the first one is the diet of nephrotic syndrome. ...

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    Complication of Minimal Change Nephrosis

    2017-01-21 10:54:33lin liu98

    Patients with hypoalbuminemia for long-term can cause malnutrition or infection. High coagulation state can lead to thrombosis, Inappropriate diuresis and ban salt can appear low sodium or hypokalemia....

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    The prevention and diet for primary nephroritic syndrome

    2017-01-19 14:23:23lin liu153

    The prevention:   1. At ordinary times, arrange work and rest system reasonably for life, strengthen physical exercise, and avoid overfatigue.   2. Keep nutrition intake balance, enhance physical fitness and body resistance....

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    Diet for Children with Nephrotic Syndrome

    2014-04-12 16:43:34lily148

    Children with nephrotic syndrome may have trouble regulating their bodys water balance. This can cause fluid retention (also known as edema). The diet for a child with nephrotic syndrome may include a sodium and fluid restriction. These res...

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