nephrotic syndrome

    Dietary for nephrotic syndrome patients

    2017-04-14 16:29:41Jin Liu155

     Nephrotic syndrome patients in the clinical manifestations of systemic edema, proteinuria, hypoalbuminemia and hyperlipidemia symptoms for different conditions and symptoms, each patient's diet is not the same. Let’s summarize the daily...

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    The main signs of nephrotic syndrome

    2017-04-12 17:21:15Jin Liu152

     A proteinuria of greater than 3.5 g /24 h /1.73 m2 (between 3 and 3.5 g/24 h /1.73 m2 is considered to be proteinuria in the nephrotic range) or greater than 40 mg/h/m2 in children. The ratio between urinary concentrations of albumin and ...

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    Primary causes of Nephrotic Syndrome

    2017-04-08 16:11:40Jin Liu57

    Nephrotic Syndrome is usually caused by damage to the filters (glomeruli) in your kidneys. In normal case, the glomeruli in your kidneys are filtering blood as it flows through your kidneys and they can separate the useful things from wastes...

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    Kidney disease

    2017-03-31 14:18:26Shan Nie128

    Kidney disease, also known as nephropathy or renal disease, refres to the damage of a kidney. Nephritis is inflammation occurred in kidney. Nephrosis refres to the noninflammatory kidney disease. Kidney disease usually causes kidney failure ...

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    Hyperuricemia nephrosis

    2017-03-31 14:16:06Jin Liu90

    Firstly, definition. Hyperuricemia nephrosis refers to the primary or secondary hyperuricemia, which has the urates deposited in kidney. The symptoms include kidney stone, obstruction, interstitial nephritis, and acute or chronic kidney fai...

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