The killer of health----kidney disease

2017-04-22 16:15Jin Liu

  Kidney disease is a long-terms, refractory disease. the aetiological agent of kidney disease is a lot, at recently year, the morbidity of kidney disease is on the rise.

  According to the world health organization statistics, In 2010, more than 220000000 people have diabetes mellitus all over the world, if we not control, the number will double in China, the patients with diabetes mellitus is more than 9240 people and become the first country which have the most patients with diabetes mellitus all over the world, the morbidity is 9.7%.

  In addition. The morbidity of chronic renal failure is 11%, the number of patients with uremia is more than 2000000, every year is increase 120000~150000 patients with uremia, at present, in China, the prevalence rate is 10.8% in adult, Rural residents is more easy to have this disease. in clinic, it mainly treatment through peritoneal dialysis, hemodialysis and kidney transplant.

  According to professor Wang Haiyan recommend, the most patients which take peritioneal dialysisis in a rural area. The cost of peritioneal dialysis is too high, the mortality and the incidence of peritonitis is higher than high income patients with peritioneal dialysis. We should give them more attention and help.

  Kidney disease is a important killer of health. So we should know about kidney disease, prevent kidney disease, and pay more attention to it.

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