Fragrant season to guard against children infected with purp

2017-02-26 15:09shan nie

  When walking in the hospital to see innocent children wearing sick clothes, the heart always so some sorrow and grief, it should be carefree in the amusement park, lawn play play age, it should be laughing The wind ran the season, it should be a family happy, wantonly laughing appearance, how can one accidentally infected with the disease admitted to the hospital, often think of these, always want to harsh words accused of confused parents, but to see them worried , The listless look and let people so distressed, may be a little warm atmosphere of Children's Day, and today see the children of the hospital more and more sad, so today, Dr. Lee also want to talk to those confused parents , In such a season, how to guard against children infected with the disease, how to have a child carefree, happy childhood.

  Flowers in full bloom season, the children are most likely to suffer from purpura nephropathy. Because this is an allergic disease, and streptococcal infection, viral infections, drugs, food, insect bites, etc., the mechanism is due to immune complex deposition or IgE-mediated vascular injury. Occur in children and young people, may have fever, headache, joint pain, general malaise and so on. Lesions for the needle to the size of soybeans petals, ecchymosis or urticaria-like rash, severe cases can occur blisters, blood blisters, and even ulcers. Occur in the limbs stretch side, especially the lower limbs and buttocks. Lesions symmetrical distribution, the emergence of groups, easy to relapse. Only skin damage, said simple purpura, accompanied by abdominal pain, diarrhea, blood in the stool, and even gastrointestinal bleeding known as gastrointestinal purpura; accompanied by joint swelling, pain, and even joint effusion called joint purpura; Hematuria, proteinuria, kidney damage known as renal purpura.

Fragrant season to guard against children infected with purpura nephritis

  Parents in the season prone to allergies must pay special attention to their children, mosquito bites, pollen allergy caused by early kidney disease as long as oral or injection of some drugs on it, but the parents careless also makes a lot of baby found has been compared Serious, direct access to desensitization therapy and even plasma exchange.

  The flowers of the motherland of the blooming incomparable, the child's smile should be the world's most beautiful look, parents, millions of care of your baby!

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