What Sould Not Be Eaten by Nephritis Patients

    2014-03-23 17:57:48lily155

    Any diseases demand good diet habit, which is important for the recovery of the diseases. Nephritis is a common kidney disease and diet plays an important role in treating the disease and preventing the relapse. ...

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    What Are Syptoms of Nephritis

    2014-03-22 20:43:13lily191

    In recent years, the morbidity of nephrotis is increasing. If patients are not pay attention to the symptoms of nephritis, they may miss the best time for treatment. Therefore, we need to know the symptoms of nephritis in advance so that we ...

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    What Are Causes of Nephritis

    2014-03-22 15:48:08lily128

    Like most kinds of infalmation, the causes of nephritis are also related with infection. In general, through checking the causes of nephritis, nephritis can be treated according to phathogensis. Therefpre, it is necessary to know what are t...

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    How Is Nephritis Classified

    2014-03-22 14:15:16lily98

    There are many kinds of classifications about nephritis. In t following, we will introduce the classification of nephritis according to the pathology. ...

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