The appropriate way to treat nephritic disease

2017-03-28 11:52Jin Liu

No matter which method we choose to treat the kidney disease, western or Chinese, we will all experience the following process: vasodilatation, anti-inflammation, anti-freezing and degradation of toxic substance.

1) Vasodilatation: what is the function of extending the vessel? We know kidney, as an organ of filtration, will have low GFR, if it is damaged. The reason of lowing GFR is superfluous deposition of immune complex in the glomerular capillary. Through the method of vasodilatation, the ischemia and hypoxia will be changed because of the improving blood circulation in kidney. As a result, there will be a great environment to repair the damaged kidney cells.

2) Anti-inflammation: the purpose of this step is to lower the further damage in glomerular mesangial cells.

3) Anti-freezing: we all know that with the aggravation of kidney disease, the inflammatory cells will increase accordingly. As a result, the consistency of blood in vessel will increase, and then micro-thrombus will form in the glomerular capillary. Anti- freezing is a crucial step to alleviate micro-thrombus, which is a foundation for the repair of glomerular mesangial cells.

4) Degradation of toxic substances: degradation, as the last step, is an inevitable step in the treatment of nephritic disease. With the increase of the deposition of immune complex and the formation of micro-throbus, degradation will be use to clear these out of blood through urine.

 The appropriate way to treat  nephritic disease

The above four steps are the crucial in the treatment of kidney disease. With the four steps, the damaged kidney cells will be repaired, kidney function will regain, and then the clinicial symptoms, such as edema, vomit, nausea, insomnia, will disappear.

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