Can nephritic patients give birth to babies?

2017-03-28 11:48Wu Yang

In many nephritic patients’ views, giving birth to babies is more important than treating their disease. In appropriate time, many patients put having their own babies as the top agenda rather than treating disease. The reasons of this are, for men, to cater for the traditional opinion “there are three sorts of unfilial behaviors, among these without next generation is the first one .”, for women, to gain their dignity or status in their family. As a result, many pregnant patients have to stop the process of fetation, some even miscarry for many times until they suffer uremia. However, nephritic patients still want to have their own babies.

Can nephritic patients give birth to babies?

Now let’s talk about under what kind of conditions nephritic patients can give birth to babies. It can be divided into three sorts: firstly, patients who are in renal insufficiency compensatory period or renal failure period can not give birth to babies. Secondly, patients need to weigh the pros and cons if they have some protein in their urine. This kind of condition is a dilemma, because we are not sure the possibility of the pregnant process for there are no concrete proof to solve this problem clinically. Pregnancy may aggravate kidney disease patients have had, contrarily, kidney disease may have side effect in babies, then result in unhealthy babies.

Thirdly, patients can give birth to babies if the four demands following are all met.

(1) Normotension.

(2)Normal kidney function.

(3)Without much protein in urine, especially the proteinuria in the range of NS.

(4)The kidney disease of patients is in light condition without apparent lesion.

Nephritic patients should pay more attention to their physical condition if they are pregnant. The gestation should be stopped straightway once blood pressure can’t be controlled, kidney function decline quickly or protein in urine increase rapidly.

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