lupus nephritis

    The Diet Notices of LN Patients

    2014-03-21 10:20:05lily132

    What kind of diet rules should lupus nephritis patients notice?Characterized by being repeated occurrence, LN can cause great harm to patients’ health. Therefore, in addition to preventing and treating the disease timely, we also need to b...

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    How to Treat Lupus Nephritis(LN)

    2014-03-21 10:10:47lily75

    Because lupus nephritis can have serious effects on patients, it is very important to detect and treat LN timely for us to control the disease, prolong life and improve the quality of our lives. ...

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    The Common Symptoms of Lupus Nephritis(LN)

    2014-03-16 19:07:11lily111

    If we know about the symptoms of lupus nephritis(short for LN), we can discover and treat it as soon as possible. To help us, the kidney professors from The Fourth hospital of Xingtai city teach us the symptoms of LN. So lets go farward. If...

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