What Are the Symptoms of Lupus Nephritis

2017-04-23 14:12Wu Yang

  Lupus Nephritis is an autoimmune disease, which is very common among us. The incidence of this disease in women is higher than in men. Lupus Nephritis is caused by SLE (systemic lupus erythematosus). Patients with SLE can excrete many kinds of autoantibodies, and immune complex forms after autoantibody combining with antigen. When the immune complexes build up in glomeruli, it causes damages to kidney easily and then Lupus Nephritis appears.

  Lupus Nephritis can cause a series of symptoms, for example:

  Common symptoms

  Patients with Lupus Nephritis will feel weak. After a period of time, they will have obvious weight losing, and 90% of lupus nephritis patients have severe fever.

  Symptoms on skin and mucosa

  Most patients have the symptom of damaged skin, and half patients suffer from erythemas of butterfly -shaped, or losing hair. Some patients often have dental ulcer.

  Symptoms in bone and muscle

  Pain in joint is a common symptom to lupus nephritis patients, which appears in facet joints of limbs, and nearly 90% of patients have this case. Nearly 30% of lupus nephritis patients also experience pain in their muscles.

  Symptoms of heart and blood vessels

  High blood pressure may appear. A part of lupus nephritis patients may have pericarditis, but it is short and slight in general. Few patients can present myocarditis, and a quarter of patients have Raynaud’s phenomenon.

  Symptoms in blood system

  Red cells may reduce in most lupus nephritis patients, and this can cause anemia. Nearly 60% of patients present decrease of white cells, and the decrease of lymph is particularly obvious. Half patients may have the decrease of platelets, but mainly slight decrease.

  Symptoms in intestines and stomach system

  Immune complex in blood may cause vasculitis, and vasculitis can lead to pain in belly. A few of patients with severe condition may also have ascites.

  Symptoms in nerve system

  Lupus nephritis patients often present insanity, such as depression and alienation. But this symptom is complex and fickle, and can present different degrees.

  Besides symptoms above, there are many other symptoms due to Lupus Nephritis. If you are not sure whether your conditions belong to Lupus Nephritis, or your are willing to know detailedly, you can consult our online experts. We can give you answer in time

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